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BALZER TECHNIK Punches and dies are the ultimate in  stability and precision.

The wide range of applications of our precision tools is attested to by customers from

the automobile, electrical, fittings, per(orated plating, filter and general sheet-metalworking fields.

In a world constantly demanding competitiveness and ever greater efficiency pressure and rationalisation forces, you can count on BALZER TECHNIK as your partner.

lncrease your productivity with our products. From raw material to finishing, you will profit from all our experience.


  Punches and dies in accordance with DIN and ISO, including non-standardised parts

Punches DIN 9861, Part 1, Type DA/D

Tungsten Carbide punches similar to DIN 9861

Punches DIN 9861, Part 2, Type CA/C

Tungsten Carbide punches similar to DIN 9861, Type C

Punches similar to DIN 9861, Type C

Forming punches with forged head, Type DA

Punches with bottleneck, Type DA/D

Counter bore for bottleneck punches

Punches DIN ISO 8020 Type A and ISO 8021  

Tungsten Carbide similar DIN 150 8020 Type A and ISO 8021

Punches DIN ISO 8020 Type B

Tungsten Carbide punches DIN ISO 8020 Type B

Punches DIN 150 8020 Type C

Punches DIN ISO 8020, Form E/F/G

Punches with cyl. head, Type EA/EB/EC

Punches DIN 9861,Type B

Dies DIN 9845, Type A/B

Tungsten Carbide dies, similar to DIN 9845, Type A

Dies ISO 8977, Type A/B

Dies with starter hole, similar to ISO 8977, Type A/B

Shaping bush similar to ISO 8977

Punch guide bushes DIN 9845, Type C/ISO 8978

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