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Precision and reliability


BALZER TECHNIK was founded in 1986 and has been expanding continuously. In 2000 we were able to move into our newly constructed production site. Our company has always distinguished itself by continuous innovations and by our passion for the realization of new products and their method of production.
By employing new materials and revolutionary ideas, BALZER TECHNIK has become internationally known. Years of experience have led to a large range of products of standard and special parts in steel, tungsten carbide and ceramic.
We are a valued supplier of accessories for stamping and injection moulding. BALZER TECHNIK has acquired very specialised knowledge in the area of electro and micro erosion.
The European patent for the sensational trefoil electrode capillary tube manufactured in tungsten carbide is only one example of our highly interesting new developments.
Hundreds of satisfied customers are supplied by us on a daily basis throughout the world.
Competent personnel are always at your disposal. Our excellent working environment ensures pleasant, fast and friendly handling of customer requests.

Our modern centerless machines grind tungsten carbide electrodes from a diameter of 0.045 ± 0.001 x 320 mm. Our smallest tungsten carbide electrode capillary tubes with an external diameter of 0.095 mm and an internal diameter of 0.03 mm are produced up to 150 mm in length.

Thanks to our restraint system we can erode pilot holes with a final diameter of 0.16 mm to a depth of 8 - 10 mm. Special accessories, restraint systems for threaded electrode capillary tubes from M2 x 150 mm etc. are developed by us and sold to well known erosion machine producers.
Our tungsten carbide electrodes are employed daily for the production of our own customer's orders.
We are thus able to first test our new inventions rigorously in our own factory.
All electrodes are checked, measured and certified throughout production. Comparative measurements of client specific electrodes can be carried out up to a tolerance of ± o,ooo5 mm.
Our own quality control system guarantees constant precision.
Our large stock of ceramic leads, tungsten carbide, brass and copper electrodes ensure that we can supply our customers promptly.
Tungsten carbide stamps in 0.1 mm steps are available from stock in welded or full tungsten carbide versions with a diameter of 0.3 - 10.5 mm to DIN 9861, ISO 8020 or to h6 tolerance.
Moulds, semi-finished products in tungsten carbide with varying degrees of resistance etc. are available from stock; special sizes can be delivered in 10 days.